Unfinished Thoughts

by William Flake

Salkehatchie 2009, Wednesday

I apologize for the delay. The Adult Meeting let out at about 10:30, leaving me only 15 minutes to write the blog post, time I instead squandered talking to Jerry. I did take notes on what happened so I could relate it to you here. Here’s what we did on Wednesday.

The Deck

Starting with the outer frame of the deck, we cemented the posts into their holes. 2x6 boards were placed inside the frame. Absurdly long decking boards were stretched across the porch and nailed in place. With all of the decking down, handrails were added to surround the porch. It was a rather productive day.

The Roof

The roofing team finally finished replacing nearly all of the rafters on the front of the house. The particle board sheathing was laid down, followed by the tar paper. After several small mishaps involving horribly positioned shingles, the entire roof was shingled.

The Bathroom


Ok, that may have been a bit overstated, but it was a major event. Much of the site had been at a standstill waiting for the plumbing to be fixed. Once they arrived, all of the piping in the house was reconnected, and at about 2:00 we finally had running water. The flooring for the bathroom was cut and positioned in place, and the many layers of wallpaper were completely removed.

The Hallway

Similar to the bathroom, the floor was re-covered with plywood, and the wallpaper was removed, The many imperfections in the walls and ceiling were spackled over.

The Kitchen

Wallpaper is now absent from the bulk of the kitchen. The walls behind the former paper have been cleaned throughly, as has the rest of the room.

Most interestingly, a new project was added today. The unused chimney in the kitchen was torn down, and a the area was prepared to be transformed into a new pantry by David Ward.

Other Thing of Note

Sharp eyed readers may have noticed that the posts of the deck were cemented in place hours before the water in the house was cut on. The thanks for this goes to Chris. Seeing that we had no water available to us, Chris took a large wheelbarrow to the next site over and asked if he could use their tap. Their water was disconnected too. At that point, Chris noticed the ball fields across the street, which were being watered by a series of sprinklers. He took the wheelbarrow to that field and began running around in circles, chasing the water as it was sprayed across the field. As unusual, and frankly hilarious, as this was, we had plenty of water for the task at hand. Thanks Chris!

Once again, I appreciate your patience. Salkehatchie is very tiring, and I figured that work was more important that reporting about work. I hope you agree.