Unfinished Thoughts

by William Flake

Fall 2010 Schedule of Classes

It’s that time of the semester again: the time when Facebook albums get clogged with ugly tables and obscure abbreviations that make little sense to anyone. That’s right, it’s course registration time!

Going into registration this time, I was fully convinced that my department head is a Dale Jr. fan. By the initial course list, I had single sections of four classes, and those classes made the shape a perfect number 8 on the schedule. Fortunately for my sense of good taste (and unfortunately for my ability to plan ahead) these classes got horribly jumbled around, forcing me to actually think about what classes I was adding.

All told though, it’s not a bad schedule, aside from the three 8:00am classes, which I had no way to work around. Oh well, a fifth semester of having to wake up at a decent hour won’t kill me.

ID Name Time Days
C E 351-002 Civil Engineering Materials 12:30-1:45 TR
C E L 351-004 Civil Engineering Materials Lab 2:30-5:00 W
C E 331-001 Construction Engineering & Management 8:00-8:50 MWF
EX ST 301-003 Introductory Statistics 10:10-11:00 MW
EX ST L 301-022 Introductory Statistics Lab 10:10-12:00 F
C E 341-001 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics 9:05-9:55 MWF
C E L 341-001 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Lab 2:30-5:00 M
C E 301-002 Structural Analysis 9:30-10:45 TR


John Minner

One of these days you’ll actually have class later than me, I’m just not sure when that day will come. It’ll be interesting seeing how we (meaning all the roommates) grow more into majors and start to have no idea about what any of the others are doing.


I think it looks pretty good. You have a lunch time. And are finished early on Friday. And personally, I always liked morning classes better- harder to procrastinate and/or sleep all day.

William Flake

@Mom: That’s a very good point about sleeping all day. I’m actually most excited about getting out of class on Friday at a decent hour. I’ve never gotten out before 2:30 before. It’ll be nice.

John Minner

Over two months since last blog post. You have a job for the first time in ever; it’s not like you don’t have fresh things to write about. Hurry up and update before I leave!

William Flake

@John Minner: Yeah, I have a bunch of things to write about, but sadly, I have relatively little time to actually write anything. Maybe I should outsource my blogging to India or something.