Unfinished Thoughts

by William Flake

Salkehatchie Saturday

Today began my 7th Salkehatchie Summer Service camp. This year, like last, is marked by several changes. First, I actually had to drive up here by myself. The trip is a lot longer when you can’t fall asleep in Columbia. Secondly, I am a site leader this year. It’s a major increase in responsibility, especially given that last year the other adults didn’t trust me with the driving directions. I must have done something right though. Fortunately, I am working with a very experienced team of adults, and we have a skilled group of youth this camp. I’m excited about jumping right in!

Pre-Camp Activities

View of the shower trailer
The probably-soon-to-tip shower trailer

Frank and I had agreed to get to camp rather early this year. That way, if we needed to do any last minute discussions about our site, we could do so with enough time to go to Home Depot. As it turns out, we did enough planning beforehand that we did not need the additional time. Instead, I was tasked with setting up the shower trailer and getting music ready for the slideshow. The music was the easy part. As for the shower stall… it could still use a bit of work. I’m pretty sure that none of the showers are going to drain, and the entire contraption might just fall over. We’ll see!

Tour of Homes

Youth standing outside one of the houses
Standing outside just before the rains started

The tour of homes this year was interesting. For the first time in anyone’s memory, it rained. Not just a little sprinkle either; it was pouring. For the last couple of homes, we had to give the tour in shifts. It certainly made taking Before pictures a lot more interesting. Good thing I had Mom’s waterproof camera (thanks Mom!)


People eating dinner

Delicious as always. Nom nom nom.

Worship and “Getting to Know You”s

Room full of adults and youth standing and singing

We began our evening session with the slideshow from last year. It’s always amazing when you look back at a previous years’ camp. All of my memories of the home I worked on were from the finished product; it was a shock to see what the homes looked like before we worked on them. After this many years, it still amazes me what kind of transformations are possible.

Blurs of people running around the room playing games
Note: They looked this blurry in real life too

Our brief worship time featured the musical stylings of Perry Brittain. (As an aside, I apologize for playing most of Perry’s set list during the slideshow. Imitation is flattery, right?) Then, Tresca, this year wearing the hat of Spiritual Director, led us in group building exercises and ice breakers. They were a lot of fun, and we somehow (narrowly) avoided two concussions, a shattered church door, and raw egg on the floor. We have a great group of youth this year, and I’m looking forward to serving alongside them.



A shower trailer? great. I am so looking forward to joining you for part of the week! I think…..

William Flake

The church doesn’t have enough showers for a camp this size, so we borrow some of the emergency portable showers from the conference relief office. They’re quite nice. Also, looking forward to you being up here to see what we’re doing.

William Flake

@Mom I don’t have time to actually fix the comment time problem, so I instead added a note that they are displayed in UTC (essentially Greenwich Mean Time). Sorry…