Unfinished Thoughts

by William Flake

Salkehatchie Sunday

Sunday. The Sabbath. The day of rest before the week. This is always one of the longest days of the Salkehatchie week, because we’re itching to get started, but have to wait.

Home Site meetings

First thing this morning, the newly formed youth site team met with our homeowner for the first time. It was a good meeting, albeit a little rushed because Mrs. McCauley had to get to church. We discussed our plans for the week, and listened to her desires for other projects. There’s a lot on our plate, very little money to do it with, and a questionable amount of time. It should be doable, though, and I’m confident that at the end of the week she I’ll be very happy.

The team sitting around tables in Starbucks
The team at Starbucks
After the meeting, we had time to kill before our worship service started, so we went to Target and began some of the shopping for the worksite tomorrow. To ensure that we had happy campers, we took the opportunity to fellowship at Starbucks.

Camp Photos

Following the worship service, we took the camp photos for the year. They were completely different than in any year past. In past years, photos would either be nicely posed, or posed with a single member being goofy. This year, each team spontaneously competed to have the most original photo. Not to gloat, but I think that my team won.

A posed photo of the entire camp A photo of Frank, our largest teammate, laying on top of the rest of the campers while being fanned and offered fruit

Building the Teams

We had a bunch of fun team building exercises in the sanctuary, which ranged from rock/paper/scissors tag to Life Savers relays. They were a good opportunity to laugh and meet all the people in our new team. We then went bowling. In total, 3 guys bowled against 5 ladies on adjacent lanes. It was tough, but the men managed to just barely lead out the women’s scores in both games. It was good to be able to laugh and share such a time with each other.

People Bowling

Commissioning Service

Inside of the Ranson House for dinner

We had a brief team meeting, got all of our ducks in a row for the morning, and proceeded to the Ranson House for dinner. I sat with some of the other leaders, and met the ghost who also appears to inhabit the room (as indicated by a perpetually cold spot, regardless of outside temperature or A/C.

The commissioning service

We came back to the church for our ceremony, and we were led through music and a devotional by Perry and Tresca. The theme for the week is “Serving Like Jesus.” As a reminder of this theme (somehow) our symbol are friendship bracelets handmade by Mona. Each one is unique and imperfect, but each contains a small cross that is perfectly made. It’s a good, soft, wearable symbol.

Work starts tomorrow. Wish us luck! I’m excited to go out and serve God and serve others through this ministry.