Unfinished Thoughts

by William Flake

Salkehatchie Tuesday

Dad warned me that the Tuesday gremlins might attack today. Attack they did. It was a day that tried my patience, set us back, and gave me the opportunity to learn what a site leader needs to be.

The Good

The roof is nearly half done

We made a bunch of progress on the roof. One side is completely reshingled, and the other side is completely stripped and is ready for the already cut new wood. Should be able to finish most of it tomorrow before it gets too hot. My thanks again go out to Elizabeth Hilliard for teaching the people on my site how to roof this morning, and for teaching me how to teach others.

The floor of the bathroom is back in. Tomorrow morning we can lay the floor and seat the toilet. The kitchen is all cleaned up, and all of the existing cabinets have been polished. The wallpaper is down and we are ready to paint. We have a bunch of small projects which are going to take off this evening. I crawled under the house to run new electrical lines which should be finished soon.

The Bad

The deck. After a full day of work, we did not make ANY progress on it. Where the leader on charge of it spent his time I will never know, but we are not any closer to having a deck than we were Monday night. Looking at it, i wqs starting to feel like Carl (a reference that campers here will immediately understand. However, it is not all bad; i now have the inspiration to more strongly take control of my site, setting ddefinate goals, and occasionally, if necessary, setting my foot down. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Time. Wew had major time management problems. First, we left late. Then, we had the entire team wait as we pulled materials out of the shed. Frank then went to Lowes. With all our tools. In all, we lost over and hour and a half of the cool part of the day standing around waiting. It was awful, and I felt terrible. We’re going to fix this. It was definately a learning experience for me.

The Ugly

Did I mention under the house was muddy?

Me, completely covered in mud

Tomorrow will be better. I can feel it.



I’m sorry your day was bad. At least parts of it. But one thing I’ve learned is that, as a leader, you never assume that the other person will actually do what you’ve asked them to do or what they’ve promised.

There’s also a fine line between ordering someone to do something/correcting them/reprimanding them and making them feel they are still part of the team/are valuable/haven’t totally screwed up/mad at you. When you put your foot down, just be careful you don’t put it down too hard and break something.


Our God is gracious and wonderful and will never let you down. Unfortunately, He is also big on teachable moments.


Thanks for the picture of my backside standing on the roof taking a break. lol. Oh, and I’m glad my little pep talk helped. :)