Unfinished Thoughts

by William Flake

Posting Delay

Apparently, history repeats itself. Our planning for tomorrow’s very busy day required my attention more than a blog update. I’ll have full details coming soon, but for now, I’ll simply say that today was very good (and a complete turnaround from he Tuesday slump). There’s still a lot left to do, though. I’ll write again after the Long Day.



Wednesday was great! So great that William bought everyone (except me) sodas before hand. We got most of the roof done, the deck got framed, we really put a dent on the inside work and started a few other projects that had been put off because of how long the roof was taking. William did a great job leading everyone and our house was looking pretty great compared to a lot of the others.

William Flake

Sorry. I’m exhausted. And rushed. And not even thinking clearly. Blogging is my last priority right now. Once I get home, I will have to write a big long wrap up post. Sorry…

John Minner

if you’re going to go this long without updating, you should at least program a tumbleweed to roll across the screen.

John Minner

The spambots are taking over.

How about a nice summary post for the end of the semester?

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